The Information section includes everything you need to get started as a member of Magica!

☆ How to Play

Mini TCGs were pioneered in 2010 by Rahenna of Tiny Legend. The concept is simple: it's a fully-automated trading card game that lets the members play on their own time. No need to worry about missing deadlines for contests, waiting on a staff member to answer your mastery forms, or refreshing to see when the games update. Here's your 5-step path to having fun:

  1. Fill out a join form.
  2. Pick up your starter pack and throw it on your website. Optional: include a level badge and a link back ;)
  3. Play games to earn cards! You can play games weekly or biweekly according to their category.
  4. Every time you level up or master a deck, go to the Services page to claim your prize and send me an update form.
  5. Feel free to trade with other members to complete your decks. We have a forum for trading and occasional freebies!
There are no contests, no battles, no fancy-schmancy things. Just pure, old-fashioned trading fun. Five (5) new decks are uploaded every week (check the main page for updates!) to ensure you have a ton of pretty cards to collect!

♥ Card Types

There are 3 types of cards here at Magica! Regular cards (featuring: series, characters, transformations, attacks, OP/EDs, scenes, covers) are worth 1. All decks have 20 cards in each. Cover decks are puzzles :) Member cards are worth 0 and may only be traded for other member cards and cannot be mastered. Event cards are worth 1 but are not part of a masterable deck.

♥ Levels

Every time you collect 300 cards, you level up! So Level One = 1-300 cards, Level Two = 301-600 cards, so on and so forth. Visit the Services page to pick up your prizes every time you level up. You can also use the badges below to display your level on your trading post!

For some larger-size member-made badges, check out this page!

♥ Mastery

Once you collect all the cards in a deck, you've mastered it! Head on over to the Services page to pick up your prize, and don't forget to grab the master card from the deck page to proudly display on your trading post! Here's a few samples so you know what you're looking for:

☆ Heart Combos

I lied. There is one aspect of Magica! that is a little more like a traditional TCG. Playing games will occasionally reward you with hearts. Different combinations of these hearts, as shown below, will get you rewards. When you make a combo, simply log it in your tradelog - you don't need to send me any forms or wait for me to give you your rewards - just grab 'em yourself from the Services page! Hearts may not be traded, and you must remove them from your tradepost once they are used to claim rewards.

Heart of Darkness combo: Take 5 random cards
Valentine Kiss combo: Take 2 choice cards
Sunny Day combo: Take 1 choice, 1 random card
Garden combo: Take 1 choice, 3 random cards
Sunset combo: Take 2 choice, 1 random card
Twilight combo: Take 1 choice, 2 random cards
Ocean combo: Take 3 random cards
Moonlight combo: Take 4 random cards
Rainbow Heart combo: Take 3 choice cards